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My Beauty and Bathroom Product Favorites

There are some products I don’t want to live without. I could if I had to, but I would prefer to keep these in my beauty and bathroom arsenal! Please note – I am not being compensated in any way for my opinions here! These are REALLY things that I love and use on a regular basis! #1 – Ping Grapefruit lotion from Body Shop. This smell is just pure delight in a bottle! It smells EXACTLY like a pink grapefruit, and it really moisturizes well leaving my skin nice and shiny!

#2 – Hand soap from Bath & Body Works. I have a bottle of this stuff at every sink! Again – the smells are amazing, and when they have their good sales I stock up! Hand-washing time just isn’t as enjoyable without it! DSC_1379 #3- Clear Sally Hansen nail polish. Of course I get the X-treme wear, because I hate when my nail polish chips off after the first 24 hours. I also love clear because it makes my nails look maintained, but again with clear you can’t really tell if there is a little chipping! DSC_1380 #4- Soft elastic hair ties. Yes- I may sell these in my shop, but I truly will never use the drug store kind again! These babies are so much easier on my hair, and cuter too! Here is a tip, if yours starts to loose its shape, clean them with some shampoo and lay flat to dry. They will go right back to new! DSC_1381 #5- Lip Gloss! Even if I don’t have any other make-up on, I just apply a coat of lip gloss and ta-da I am ready for anything! (Okay, maybe I put on some eyeliner too). I keep lip gloss in my work jacket pocket, purse, make-up bag, and in other secret spots for when I might need it! DSC_1383 #6- This is a new product I have fallen in love with – mud masks! I found these single-use packets at Wal-Mart in the beauty isle and the price spoke to me. $1.30-something. I took it home and tried it out. I bought the deep cleanse one, and it really did work! I was so impressed I went back and bought some more! DSC_1382 So what sorts of beauty/bathroom products will you always have on hand? signature


Sunday 15th of April 2012

I absolutely LOVE the Bath and Body Works soap! We have it at all of our sinks too!

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