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How My Garden Grows

This is the second year I have tried to grow a full fledged garden here in Florida. Something that I learned last year was that I need to start growing EARLY (compared to when we lived in Illinois!) It gets super hot by June and the plants fry right up in the sun. This year I was determined to start early, so I had most of my seeds planted by the beginning of March. Before I even put anything in the ground I tilled up the dirt and added one bag of manure, two bags of top soil, and fertilizer.This picture was taken on March 3rd – a few days after getting everything in the garden set up, layed out, tilled, and planted.

By March 10th most of the seeds had sprouted. Zucchini squash- DSC_0195 Cucumbers – DSC_0196 Corn- DSC_0200 Green Beans- DSC_0201 We decided to take down the chicken wire fence this year, and the bunnies ate up all of the corn plants and a few of the beans. Since I wasn’t sure the corn would grow that good to begin with, I decided to take out what was left (two whole plants) and replace it with watermelon. Here is what the garden looks like today… DSC_1208 Cucumber- DSC_1216 DSC_1220 Zucchini squash- DSC_1213 Tomatoes- DSC_1222 Are  you thinking of growing a garden this year? Come back tomorrow – I am going to be sharing my gardening tips! Enjoy, signature