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Crafty Space–Gussy Sews

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TheMy Crafty Space’  series is back with another lovely sewing room. Gussy Sews is here to share her sewing studio. The room is absolutely lovely with light just pouring in. If you get a chance – check out the Gussy Sews blog and shop!! She just did a shop re-launch and the products are HOT!

meetGussy5 Gussy is the girl behind the ruffles. After a rough time in the world of unemployment, she was inspired to pursue her own indie business full force. You can read about it HERE. DSC07761_thumb DSC07708_thumb I’m in love with the amount of windows we have (4!) and all the natural light that comes inside. Many of the friends I’ve met through blogging/indie biz have also sent me some of their art or small treasure they’ve found, so my studio is truly filled with happy things 🙂 DSC07718_thumb DSC07739_thumb DSC07735_thumb Organization is tackled by building UP! Our ceiling is pretty high — 9′, actually — so instead of continuing to build AROUND the room we’ve built up. We have a giant 6′ x 6′ wall of storage that houses over a dozen bins for fabric and our ruffly products. We also have a rolling cart that we keep nearby with essentials: sewing machine needles, thread, zippers {organized inside a 3-part compartment}, and the like. Anything we don’t use weekly we store in the closet. DSC08134_thumb DSC07777_thumb1 DSC07722_thumb My best overall organization tip is to clean up your studio at the end of each day. This is a huge thing… and my team is awesome at helping me keep the room clean. That way, since our studio is inside our home, if I want to sew in the evening or weekend I can ~ free of mess! DSC07769_thumb Find Gussy here – BLOG // SHOP // FACEBOOK // TWITTER