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Let’s Do Lunch – Real Life Link Party

Sometimes when bad things happen we ask – Why me?
At least I do – I don’t feel like I have any bad karma.
I always do onto others the way I would want done onto me.
I wonder what God is trying to teach or show me.
Recently I have realized a few things that happened in past months were meant to make me stronger.
Had I not dealt with hard situations in the past, I would not be ready to deal with the present.
Today I feel strong and confident.
I feel rested and thankful.
The things that have happened in the past few months have given me strength.
Strength to try new things, be daring, be brave, and a strength to love unconditionally.

  Writing this post today feels liberating.
I’m ending a chapter and moving onto the next.
I’m closing one door and opening another.
The hard times are done… for now.
I found out I am getting my hours back at work – plus more.
This might mean my blogging will slow down a bit, but I must do what is needed.
Catching up on bills will take SO much stress off.
To me – falling behind on the bills and balancing the money is the biggest stress.
Having to plan the exact right day to pay everything, calling to make arrangements, being told no.
It makes me want to cry, but it made me stronger.
To leave that part behind makes me beyond happy.

  Mike and I have also decided that we are going to try again for baby #3.
Dealing with the loss of a baby is something I can’t explain.
They say it is different for everyone.
I think I’m doing well – but it can still hurt at times.
I went with Mike to a shooting competition on Sunday and somebody told me ‘congratulations’.
It stung – it took all I had to hold back the tears.
When I think I am fine something happens and the feelings all come back in an instant.
I am getting stronger though.

  Today I am walking tall and strong.
I know what I am capable of.
I know that I can do anything I set my mind to.
The gears are turning and though I’m returning to work on a more frequent basis –
I’m plotting a way to do what I love.
I know that I want to design and craft because that is what makes me happy.
That is the work that doesn’t feel like work to me.signature Please only link up your true writing from the heart. Posts of everyday happenings, love, loss, weight loss, you know – LIFE stuff. (Please do NOT link up crafts, tutorials, or tips because there are plenty of link parties already made for those sorts of things.) I also ask that you kindly link back to Poofy Cheeks in your blog post or add it to your ‘link party’ page!