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I Love Blogs & Pinning

This past week I have been home. I took Wednesday and Thursday off of work and haven’t worked since LAST Friday. I took the time to spend with my family. To love on my boys, wear my pajamas as long as I could, and even after I got dressed I wore my robe to feel comfy. I read blogs and I pinned. Oh – and I ate good food! I surrounded myself with things I love. Because of my deep love for blogs and pinning I have a printable for you today! IMG_6960 IMG_6957 This was first seen here – in my new craft room! Thanks to a comment on the post asking where I got it from I decided to share it with everyone! IMG_5684 You can get the printable HERE. It is made to be printed on an 8.5 x 11 sized sheet of paper. Today I’m guest posting over at The Fontenot Four on how to use Google Analytics to track traffic to your blog. Go check it! signature