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Our Happy Halloween

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!! The boys’ zombie costumes were a hit! If I missed the zombie costume prep you can see it HERE. IMG_2108 IMG_2113 IMG_2133 IMG_2147 IMG_2151 The picture below was taken when we trick-or-treated at my parents house. My husband had the great idea to tell a 2 and 3 year old to bite him for a picture. Mason (2), did what he was told and bit my husband’s belly. The pain was real, the blurry leg is because he kicked the air. My parents and I were rolling with laughter! IMG_2178 Somebody put these in Wyatt’s bucket – too funny! IMG_2189 By the end of the night our boys really cashed in on candy! IMG_2194 These are the memories I cherish. This night was so fun – I love my family so much! Enjoy, image