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DIY Zombie Costume

BEWARE – This post is filled with a bunch of randomness (and pictures with bad lighting). Take for instance that I just finished eating Pistachio Ben & Jerry’s out of the carton and need to go to bed, but instead I am squeezing in a blog post while listening to my three year old cry because they don’t have Splish Splash Thomas on Netflix. Did I mention it is ten o’clock and he is still up? Did I mention that the first sentence was a total run on? Oh who cares – it is a Friday night!
Let’s add some structure back in to the post!

Costume: The boys are both being zombies for Halloween. Mason (2 1/2) is going to be a business man zombie. We found him a white button up shirt, black slacks, and a black tie at Goodwill. Wyatt (3 3/4) WAS going to be a surfer zombie… but it just wasn’t coming together, so now he is going to be a handy man zombie. The costume was inspired by a hardware apron my dad gave me last week.

Newsflash – Wyatt isn’t crying for Splish Splash Thomas anymore… in the few minutes it took me to get this far into the post he has fallen asleep on my shoulder. I knew that sort of fit meant he was worn out.

So do you need a quick and simple costume? A zombie is the way to go! You just need some old clothes, odds and ends, and a tube of red acrylic paint to do the job. Warning- red acrylic paint WILL NOT wash out. It is permanent.

DIY Kids Halloween Zombie Costumes by Poofy CheeksZombie Costumes by Poofy Cheeks 

To create this blood stain look we squeezed on the red paint where we wanted it and rubbed it around with a plastic fork.

Zombie Costumes by Poofy Cheeks 

Zombie Costumes by Poofy Cheeks 

Wyatt and I also dipped our fingers in the paint and smeered them down the apron and the t-shirt.

Zombie Costumes by Poofy Cheeks 

I also found this shirt at Goodwill. It was a t-shirt but I cut off the sleeves and we ‘doctored’ it up with some blood stains.

Zombie Costumes by Poofy Cheeks 

The pants are from last year and a little tight on Wyatt’s belly, so I knew he wouldn’t be able to wear them this winter. I cut a slit in the elastic band to make it easier on him for Halloween night.

Zombie Costumes by Poofy Cheeks 

Zombie Costumes by Poofy Cheeks 

Once we got them in the costumes I did purple eyeshadow around their eyes and fake blood from the Halloween section at WalMart.

Zombie Costumes by Poofy Cheeks 

Zombie Costumes by Poofy Cheeks 

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend! Ours will be filled with lots of Halloween festivities.

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Aimee Fauci

Friday 10th of October 2014

Thank you!!!! My girls want to be Zombies and they found these elaborate ways to bloody them up.. This how to is perfect and so easy!

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