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My Journey

I spent the better half of yesterday in my pajamas, sitting in front of my computer. I didn’t brush my teeth until somewhere around noon, only got up to feed the boys breakfast and forgot to feed myself until I was finished. I took on a task that I didn’t know would be so time consuming, but once I started I just couldn’t stop until I was done!

I updated my ‘Project Gallery‘ page complete with photos and all. I had to go back through every post I have done in the past two years and figure out which ones were worthy. Then I edited the photo, linked it up, and… well you know all that html mumbo jumbo! I couldn’t be more excited about the end result though!

It really made me laugh when I looked at some of my first posts. The old days before I had heard of Live Writer and used Blogger to create posts. Funny thing is that the computer I am using right now doesn’t have Live Writer and I am regressing to the old days of using Blogger as I type!

I used to have code names for my family – then one day I said to heck with it and started using their real names. I also looked at some of the photos and they make me cringe! How come nobody told me this vignette border wasn’t good for all of my pictures? LOL! (see examples below!)

I used to do a ‘THEME OF THE WEEK’ post with items from ETSY. I think I did that because I have a true love for all the sellers on ETSY, but also because I didn’t have to use any of my own photos! I must say… I sort of miss those posts.

October of last year is when I really made a change in my blogging. I started taking my own pictures and posting my own ideas, crafts, and recipes. It is when I really embraced this whole blog thing and I am excited for what this next year will bring.

Blogging has taught me that –

  • I love my Canon, have a new found passion and enjoy my adventures with photography.
  • I love the journeys I have taken with my blog.
  • I love looking back at old posts and knowing where I was in my life at each point.
  • I love all of my followers and your nice and encouraging comments – they mean more than you know!

Hope you enjoy the Project Gallery!