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Tutorial Thursday {Eye Shadow}

`My sister, Lindsay, is four years younger than me. I remember when I was like her and obsessed with makeup. Those were the days before children when I actually had time to primp and fuss with how I looked. Nowadays I usually throw my hair in a bun and put on eyeliner. No time for much else! Anyways – I invited Lindsay to show us mommas (and anyone else who wants to know!) how to apply makeup once again! I think after time goes by we forget what works and doesn’t! We forget which colors blend – and which colors look best! Lindsay is going to be sharing a photo post with us each week! A little about Lindsay – she is my sister! She is kind and patient. She is going to school to be a nurse (god bless her because I could never do it!). She is a social butterfly. She works hard and parties hard too! Lindsay is fun and free spirited. She is blonde and beautiful. She is after all – My Sister! Follow her HERE on Tumblr! Fair warning that things can get PG-13 over there, but she is always posting fashion stuff and her newest makeup! eyeshadow First she starts out by using Blackground Paint Pot by Mac. Does black scare you? It scares me! I’m always afraid I’ll end up looking like I got punched in the eye! IMG_7009 IMG_7007 IMG_7008 Like I said – Lindsay is blonde. Without makeup you can not see her eyebrows. Back up! Stop the tape! Rewind! Time to put on the eyebrows! For her eyebrows she uses her Mac eyebrow pencil. IMG_7012 IMG_7013 Can you see her eyebrows now? IMG_7016 How about now? Okay- now that the eyebrows are here let us continue. IMG_7021 After applying the black paint pot she uses a brown/teal color called Club by Mac . She applies it in the crease and gently pulls it down onto the black shadow with her brush. IMG_7023 IMG_7030 After that she uses Steamy by Mac which is a blue/teal color over the top of the brown. Club is the third one to the right on the bottom row. IMG_7034 IMG_7032 Then she applies a white color called Crystal Avalanche by Mac. Crystal Avalanche is the second one to the right on the top row. IMG_7025 IMG_7035 IMG_7036 After that she applies eyeliner to the bottom lid, liquid eyeliner to the top lid, and mascara. IMG_7040 IMG_7048 IMG_7055 IMG_7060 Then my friends she is done! Lovely eyes for a night out on the town or a mommy/daddy date night! IMG_7063 IMG_7064 Here goes nothing! My turn! Like I said – bun and eyeliner. IMG_7081 Enjoy! image I’m Linking Up Here HookingupwithHoH