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Current Goodwill Project

A few weeks ago I went into Goodwill on the search for brass candlesticks. You can see what I made with those HERE. I also passed a dresser which was calling my name. It was marked at $7.99 with a broken drawer. I knew my handyman, AKA my dad, could fix the drawer without a problem. Here is the picture of it right before I loaded it into my truck.. 248549_1553671500909_1808847100_979950_1316818_n[1] Then some more photos when I got it home… The drawers need some serious TLC and most of them are missing their hardware. The dresser itself is in need of sticker removal (someone put stickers all over the top of the dresser), and a good sanding and coat of paint. Once I get the dresser finished I will be done with the living room redo! I think I am going to keep it a cream color to contrast against our green walls. This dresser is going to go right under our television which I finally had mounted on the wall. I would like to have the dresser finished by Mason’s birthday party (two weeks!), but it has been SO hot I have been avoiding it! Enjoy! P.S. – Enter to win a full set of party printables from Snowcone and Lollipop Designs over at the Starr Family blog!