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Blog Income and Traffic Report–March 2015

Blog Income and Traffic Report for March 2015 - March was another good month for blog income and an okay month for traffic. None of my recent post were getting an unusually high amount of traffic compared to a Valentine’s Day post I did last month so traffic took a dip. I took a bit of a break from blogging at the end of the month to enjoy time with my boys while they were out of school for their Spring Break. I ended up not being able to get back into the blogging groove until today. I have been working on a new Spring/Summer line of onesies and t-shirts for my ETSY shop so that has occupied a lot of time. This is my second full month with The Blogger Network and I am still beyond pleased with the decision I made to use them. They check in with weekly updates about changes they have made to my ads and any other concerns in regards to my blog. Not to mention I am making WAY more with them than I was with Google Ads. If you are in search of an ad network I highly recommend them! I would say my only concern is that I think some of the ads are slowing my site down a bit. That is something I am going to ask them about. Has anyone else noticed it? Since I didn’t make many changes to my blog this month and I explained a lot about the income reports in the February report I am keeping this month’s post short, sweet and to the point. Remember that the income I am reporting is what I made during the month but have yet to be paid. Money made from ads and sponsored posts typically don’t pay out until after 30-60 days March 2015 Income – $1,374.00

  • Ad Revenue (The Blogger Network) – $504.54
  • Sponsored Posts – (Tap Influence, CollectiveBias, IZEA) – $850
  • Contributor Post – $20

March 2015 Expenses –

  • Paper, Binder and 3 Hole Punch – 22.98
  • Prints for printable posts – 0.72
  • Giveaway Basket – 36.19
  • Giveaway Shipping Costs – 14.00
  • Post Expenses (supplies) – 85.79

Total March 2015 Blog Income – $1288.21 My expenses were higher last month than normal but in previous months they were lower than normal. Usually I have craft supply expenses, printable expenses and expenses incurred from sponsored posts. One larger expense from this month was the Favorite Things basket giveaway and shipping costs and shipping costs from another giveaway I hosted in February for ReSqueeze pouches. Traffic – I said it was okay. Honestly I am feeling like it is low compared to the last 9 months but when I compared March 2015 traffic to March 2014 traffic I felt much better about it! I had 189,836 pageviews last month compared to… march2015-traffic 114,835 in March of 2014. I love number crunching and seeing the difference a year makes! march2014-traffic The top ten traffic sources for Poofy Cheeks in March 2015 are below. Of course Pinterest is always a huge source of traffic for me. All Free Slow Cooker Recipes featured some of my slow cooker recipes in the past and every now and then I get a bump in traffic when they mention the recipes again. featured a blog post in a roundup they did last month making them a top 10 referrer last month too. march2015traffic The five posts which received the most traffic last month were

  1. Jell-O Popsicle Recipe
  2. Removing Labels from Glass Jars
  3. Keeping Electronic Cords Hidden
  4. Slow Cooker Angel Chicken
  5. Homemade Sausage Breakfast Gravy

I would love to hear what you think about the blog and income reports I have been sharing. Are you also a blogger and gaining any valuable information from them or are you a non-blogger who just likes to keep up with these posts? Either way I like sharing these reports because it lets me reflect on the things I do each month, lets me know if changes I made are working or not and keeps me accountable with bookkeeping.

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