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I See You There Motherhood and I Got This!

Hey there busy momma. Today this post is for you.

I see you there; working your butt off trying to juggle laundry, the kids, the meals, your job and anything else sitting on your plate. I see you and I know what you are feeling because I feel it too.

The stress builds some days until you feel like you just can’t take one more minute in this quote-on-quote “amazing life” you are supposedly living. You haven’t showered in a day or two… possibly longer.

You are stressing over a bill that needs to get paid and you feel like there is nobody to vent to. Then there is a toddler who wants a tea party and a baby who is ready to be fed.

If these are the days moms dream of then someone else can have this dream. At least that is what you have caught yourself thinking, right?

I have these days from time to time. I catch myself thinking ‘what can I do to change the situation I’m in‘ as if it is some horrible punishment. I have to pull back and clear my head. A coffee and driving in the car with music usually does the trick.

I See You There Motherhood

Years ago when my two older boys were toddlers I must have been complaining a lot to my mom. She reminded me that all moms are doing the same things. All moms are trying to find balance in whatever situation they are in.

Motherhood brings many different stages that we must navigate. She reminded me how her and my dad worked 3rd shift and often ran on little sleep. Then they would wake up and try to drag themselves to our school activities or chaperone field trips.

As the child I didn’t notice.

Ever since that day I have thought a lot about what she said. All moms are doing the same things just in different ways. Some of us have more help than others. Some have more complicated situations but at the end of the day we are all trying to be the best moms we can.

I See You There Motherhood

When you are feeling overwhelmed with everything else – stop. Breathe in the happiness your kids have, delight in their giggles and remember that all moms are doing what you are doing. All moms are at some point worried about what they will make for dinner, when they will find a minute to stop into the store because they are on the last roll of toilet paper or restart the dryer to fluff and fold a load for the umpteenth time.

Never forget to enjoy the moments with your babies and to be their mom. I used to think I needed to make things big and extravagant but have come to realize that all my kids want is attention. All they will remember are the memories of being together.

Give them all of your attention to play, snuggle and spend 100% focused on them. They don’t need expensive toys or over-the-top birthday parties. Now that my kids are older I’m here to tell you that they don’t remember the material things.

I See You There Motherhood

So momma bring that smile back! Life can throw curve balls and seem like it isn’t all it is cracked up to be, but we truly are living a dream. Kiss your babes, take a shower, put on your reddest red lipstick and step into who you were meant to be as a momma.

I See You There Motherhood

Dale@Optometric Services Inc.

Friday 17th of July 2015

Looks great on you..Firmoo is <3

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