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FROZEN Easter Eggs

The other day I shared the FROZEN Easter basket I made for my sweet Delilah and today I am sharing the FROZEN Easter eggs I made to tuck inside. She has seen the eggs already and I have been hiding them around the house and letting her find them. She is going to be ready for our annual Easter Egg Hunt on Easter! These eggs are wooden so there are no chances of her breaking them and every time she sees them she yells ‘My Elsa eggs’ with so much excitement in her high pitched little voice. She is almost two and a half and I have a love/hate relationship with her age. I love the excitement and watching all the new things she learns. I hate that she is fearless and gets into EVERYthing. She climbs, she crawls, she gets messy and she is bound to be a tom boy with three brothers but if there is one thing that is all girl it is that she loves her princesses. We are planning a trip to Disney World in May and I think I am more excited to watch her face when she sees the characters than anything else. DIY Frozen Easter Eggs To make these FROZEN eggs I used the following supplies- (most of the same supplies that I used for her FROZEN basket)

  • Wooden Craft Eggs
  • Blue Acrylic Paint
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Blue Glitter
  • Mod Podge

DIY Frozen Easter Eggs Step 1: Start out by painting all of the wooden eggs with the blue paint. DIY Frozen Easter Eggs Step 2: Once the blue paint is dry use white paint to put designs on them. I made snowflakes on one, snow flurries on another and on the third one I painted ‘Strong Bond, Strong Heart’ from the movie. DIY Frozen Easter Eggs Step 3: When both the white and blue paints are dry mix Mod Podge with blue glitter and paint it all over the eggs. For an extra glittery egg give it two coats. DIY Frozen Easter Eggs Once the paint and glitter dry you have FROZEN eggs! I even tried my hand at an Olaf egg but it didn’t turn out quite like I had planned. Delilah knew who it was but my husband and I agreed that it looked a bit like a scary clown. Next time I attempt an Olaf egg I will buy paint markers so I can have a bit more control. Painting on an egg shape isn’t easy! DSC_0792 DIY Frozen Easter Eggs What do you think of Mr. Olaf the hand painted egg? DIY Frozen Easter Eggs

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Tuesday 31st of March 2015

My 2 year old would go NUTS over those eggs. Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

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