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Tooth Fairy Receipt Printable

To go along with the printable tooth deposit forms I shared I also created tooth deposit receipts for the tooth fairy to leave when she takes teeth. The free printables come in a set with boy colors or girl colors. When the tooth fairy took Wyatt’s first two teeth last night she left a receipt inside an envelope with her official seal stamped on it. When Wyatt woke up this morning he found the deposit form had been replaced with an envelope that held his money, receipt and a bit of glitter. Official Tooth Fairy Deposit Receipt Printable

I have added links to both the girl and boy receipts below. Just print them out on copy or cardstock paper. Please remember that these are free printables which are for personal use only and can not be copied, sold or claimed as your own design.

Official Tooth Fairy Deposit Receipt Printable Official Tooth Fairy Deposit Receipt Printable Tooth Deposit FormYou can find the coordinating deposit form HERE or purchase a personalized tooth pouch HERE.Enjoy,
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