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Back to Blog School: 10 Facebook Tips for Bloggers

Today’s installment of Back to Blog School is going to give you some pointers on how to rock out your blog’s facebook page! Facebook is a great way to share your latest blog posts, interact with your audience and build a community. When I created my facebook page I created it for my shop because I had the shop before my blog. Now I use my page for both. At times I wish I would have created separate pages but that would mean twice the work.
10 Facebook Tips for Bloggers
#1. Use a picture of yourself as your profile pictures. It helps people make a connection with you. If you have a logo, use it within the timeline image.
#2. Utilize the ‘About Me’ section to introduce yourself and place a clickable link to your blog. If people like what they see and want to visit your site they don’t want to have to search all over to find your URL.
10 Facebook Tips for Bloggers
#3. Don’t just post the link to your latest blog post. (I’m trying to work on this myself!) Switch it up, feature other links/projects from people within your niche, ask questions, and be sure to respond to questions and comments others leave. Content has to be engaging to receive participation! If you don’t have that much new blog content you can always share older content! Some people don’t follow your blog on a regular basis or might be a newer follower so there is nothing wrong with digging up a good post from the past to share!
#4. Share your facebook page.
  • Of course it is a good idea to have social media icons on your blog that link to your page but there are other ways to share it too!
  • Tag your page on facebook where you see fitting (maybe within a facebook group you belong to). I belong to a few facebook groups for bloggers and it is typical to introduce yourself and tag your page to share with the other members but I also belong to a local group of moms and I have shared my page there before too.
  • If you don’t belong to any facebook groups search for some and join! I belong to a Florida blogger group, a DIY blogger group, and the list goes on. Some groups are closed or private but there are plenty of open groups!! You could always join the Back to Blog School group – I chose to make the group ‘request only’ but I approve anyone who blogs!
  • Every now and then share posts you see fitting from your blog facebook page on your personal facebook page. When I have done room redo posts and shared a link on my Poofy facebook page I have then shared it on my personal page. I often find a few of my facebook friends or their friends have started following my Poofy Cheeks page after I do that.
  • Another option is to join a facebook link party such as the Social Blog Hop over at Peacoats and Plaid!
#5. Keep your timeline image updated. You don’t want someone to come to your facebook page in August and see you still have a collage of 4th of July (or gasp, EASTER) themed projects as your image. It will give the message that you don’t update often or that you fell off the map (even when you might not have).
#6. Include a widget on your blog so that people can ‘like’ it right from your blog instead of traveling to your facebook page. If a new visitor comes to your blog and likes what they see they can easily just click that ‘like’ button and keep moving along. I personally use this a lot when I am reading blogs from my phone or tablet because if I click on their facebook social media icon it opens my facebook application and I’m whisked away from my current app. I just added one to my blog and it was SUPER easy! (tutorial coming soon!)
#7. Scheduling Posts
  • DO NOT – I REPEAT DO NOT use a third party to publish your blog post links on your facebook page because I promise you they will be buried. Facebook doesn’t want people to leave Facebook so if you use Blog Lovin’, HootSuite or Networked Blogs it is likely that your post won’t get much exposure.
  • If you want to schedule facebook posts use the Facebook scheduler feature. Facebook still won’t give your link full exposure because of the link but it will be better than using a third party!

#8. Some of the best times to post on facebook are early morning, between work and dinner and bedtime. This might change depending on your audience but I know the majority of my audience is women ages 20-35. They work, have kids, make meals but if they are like me they are grabbing their phones first thing in the morning while still lying in bed, checking it on their lunch break and again while rocking their babies to sleep.

#9. Be Yourself and keep it real (another hard one for me) but I think my girl Megan from Balancing Home has this one down! She shares her blog posts, shares mom moments, and you really get a glimpse inside her home and day to day life. She makes me feel like I really ‘know’ her and I can also easily relate (like that time she shared pictures of her messy house after a camping trip and I shook my head because mine has been the same way!).
#10. Don’t get caught up in the numbers just focus on delivering good content!
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Nasti Kopylov

Thursday 8th of January 2015

thank you so much!

Nasti Kopylov

Thursday 8th of January 2015

Thank you so much!

Irene V.

Wednesday 21st of August 2013

thanks Kelly for all the tips: I'm doing a lot of them, I'll try the post scheduling from next post: one more thing to add to the post writing post routine!I'm now following you on Pinterest, fb, twitter and instagram!Tx for sharing, MammaNene @

Jennifer @

Thursday 15th of August 2013

Thank you for these tips. They are very helpful.


Thursday 15th of August 2013

These are some nice tips. I still need to work on my social media posts and this helps a lot.

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