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Our Home Command Center: $30 Project

Earlier this week I shared 20 Inspiring Home Command Centers and today I am sharing OUR home command center! I wanted a place where the boys could drop their book bags, I could hang a purse and diaper bag and my husband could put his keys and work uniform without it all piling up at the front door and on the kitchen counters. I wanted organization! I wanted a place to put a daily to do list, grocery list and plan out our weekly meals. Since our entryway is rather nonexistent I opted to put the command center in our laundry room which is sort of like a hallway leading through to the garage. We go in and out the garage more than half the time anyways so it is the perfect solution. Plus when we are having company I just make sure the door to the laundry room is closed and everything is out of sight.
For the entryway my inspiration was chalkboard, cork and gold. The  chalkboard touches give it the feel of vintage that blend with the décor in the rest of our house but the gold gives it a little bit of fun! I like it because it is different and a lot more welcoming than the plain wall that it once was. Overall I was able to purchase everything I needed to create this command center for right at $30.
Home Command Center - Chalkboard and Gold

Here is the price breakdown:
  • Chalkboard was from TJ Maxx on clearance – $14 (I added gold highlight to the frame with paint and a foam brush)
  • Clip boards were from Dollar Tree – $1 each
  • Circle Cork Boards were from IKEA – $2.99/3 (They were actually trivets but they will make awesome bulletin boards! They are perfect for business cards, appointment cards, etc)
  • Hooks were from Lowe’s – $3.20/2
  • Wooden name plaques were from Michael’s – $0.75 each (They were plain wood and I painted and added my own little touches)
  • Chalkboard spray paint/gold spray paint/gold vinyl – I already had on hand!

Home Command Center - Chalkboard and Gold
It was hard to get pictures of this wall because there is no natural light source in our laundry room so I apologize that the pictures are a bit blurry. Next week I am going to share a tutorial on how I created the name plaques and chalkboard clip boards.
This little spot is my new happy place – especially because I am a total list maker. I ALWAYS have a list, or two or five going! Heck sometimes I even make a list of my lists!! Even my husband has commented MORE THAN ONCE that he really likes that all his stuff is in one spot. I am still working on the opposite wall where the washer and dryer are so I will share that once it is finished. I am creating more of an area over there for my husband to put his duty belt, vest and uniforms for work. Right now they usually end up hanging on the backs of chairs, bathroom counters or the floor! {Someone please tell me that my husband is not the only one who has trouble picking up after himself!}
Home Command Center - Chalkboard and Gold
Home Command Center - Chalkboard and Gold
Home Command Center - Chalkboard and Gold
Home Command Center - Chalkboard and Gold
I am off to bed now! Delilah has been teething and she woke up around 11:30 crying. I woke up thinking it was 2 or 3 in the morning and couldn’t go back to sleep! I decided to finish up this blog post and now it really is 3:06am. I will have to double check this post in the morning for any major typos or sentences that make absolutely no sense!


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Tuesday 19th of February 2019

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Saturday 26th of July 2014

Looks great! My hubby likes to leave his belt (& other stuff) all over the place too! Then wonders why he can't find it haha perhaps my organising effort should be not so focused on the kidlets but ALL my children incl. Hubby lol

Stacy Makes Cents

Wednesday 31st of July 2013

This just tickles my inner planner to pieces! :-) Visiting from Make Bake Create.


Tuesday 30th of July 2013

What a great idea!!!

kelly thompson

Friday 26th of July 2013

this looks great- nice colors that blend in with wall- sleek

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