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Summer and Secret Steak Seasoning

Our summer has been flying by! I have been creating and crafting, but I can’t share it with you yet. I am creating decorations for Mason’s Wreck it Ralph birthday party which is in less than two weeks away now. It has been hard coming up with ideas since Wreck it Ralph is fairly new and there aren’t many other parties to use as inspiration. I have watched the movie three times in the past two weeks and I finally have the vision in my head. When I haven’t been working on that I have been working on orders, selling on GroopDealz (where I am selling today!), or spending time with my family. I admit blogging is one of the things I decided I will do if I have extra time throughout the day, but I am not going to get upset if I don’t get a chance to blog everyday this summer. Spending time with my family has really taken over. All I can think about is that Wyatt is going to be in kindergarten in August! I just want to cry or tell him he can’t go. What happened to my baby? The thought of sending him to school for the whole day makes my heart ache, so I am trying to get in as much time every day as I possibly can. I even went down the slip in slide with the boys a few times the other day. Then I asked my husband what was so fun about that thing when we were kids? The ground hurts! One thing we love to do in the summer months is grill out. My husband might disagree with me because he has to be outside in the heat cooking, but there is nothing better than a delicious steak and veggies after a long summer day. Secret Steak Seasoning Recipe #grill When we got married and bought our first grill it took Mike a while to get the hang out cooking on it. He really paid attention to my dad when we would go to their house for dinner, and in the beginning he could never cook them quite right. The steak would either be very well done or still mooing. Once he perfected that he started working on seasoning them. Hands down his steaks are just as good as Long Horn or Outback now. Secret Steak Seasoning Recipe #grill Secret Steak Seasoning Recipe #grill I tried to get a good picture of them once they were finished but the sun was starting to set – so this is the best one I had. Secret Steak Seasoning Recipe #grill Secret Steak Seasoning Recipe The secret steak seasoning isn’t so secret anymore! To season his steaks he uses minced garlic, Everglade seasoning and Montreal steak seasoning. He uses his hands or the back of a spoon to rub it all over the steaks. When the grill is hot and ready and puts them on and they come off tasting amazing! He loves it, I love it and our kids can’t get enough. Enjoy,
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Wednesday 19th of June 2013

Oh my...these look fabulous! Going out of town to visit family this weekend and I think I just might take this recipe with me. Thanks so much!

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