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Shop Storenvy Tuesday–Skirts

I used to wear skirts all of the time. Then I had kids. Bending down to wipe noses, pick them up, or chase after them didn’t work well in a skirt. Slowly I got rid of them (and my high heels) until there were no more. Now I have Delilah and dressing her up in cute little dresses inspired me to buy a few skirts and dresses again. I don’t wear them a lot and I like them to be on the longer side, but skirts bring out the feminine side. While searching through the Storenvy Marketplace I found a few more skirts that I wouldn’t mind putting in my closet. I will just admire them for now because I don’t know where I would ever wear most of them too. I think I might get odd stares if I tried wearing them to library day, walks around the neighborhood or trips to the park with my kids. Skirts from the Storenvy Marketplace #1 – Monica’s Closet Essentials
#2 – Kawaii Clothing
#3 – Kai Elise Boutique
#4 – Dainty Skirts from the Storenvy Marketplace #5 – Molly Dolly Clothing
#6 – The Pink Chariot
#7 – Haus of Lux 
#8 – Freedom of Expression Did your style change when you had kids? Please tell me I am not the only one who is wearing pajamas or yoga pants 90% of the time. signature