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Wedding Present Idea–His & Hers Glasses

I have a friend that I worked with for years who is getting married next month. It is funny because Mike and I got married in Key West on her birthday. We didn’t know each other very well when I got married, but she happened to be celebrating her birthday in Key West with her boyfriend (who is now her fiancé) at the same time! From that point on our friendship grew. Her family lived in Connecticut so one year she even spent Christmas Eve at our place. Her fiancé got a job in Maine a few years ago so they have since moved, and unfortunately I won’t be able to travel to her wedding but I wanted to send them a gift. I couldn’t just send her some store bought gift because that isn’t my style and I think at this point people don’t expect regular gifts from me anyways. I must say that I really had to brainstorm this one. I couldn’t think of a gift idea I really liked for them. I went to Pinterest but came up with nothing. I was finally inspired by a set of HIS and HERS pillow cases I saw. I know both of them like to drink beer so I thought His and Her glasses would be an appropriate gift. I added a black vinyl mustache to his and vinyl lips to hers and just like that they had the ‘Kelsey’ touch. His & Hers Wedding Present Idea I used indoor/outdoor vinyl for these, but I still advise that they hand wash them to be on the safe side. His & Hers Wedding Present Idea His & Hers Wedding Present Idea His & Hers Wedding Present Idea His & Hers Wedding Present IdeaEnjoy,
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gunarso ekoyanto

Tuesday 24th of September 2013

so unique, so creative....

My name is Rita

Saturday 8th of June 2013

These are so cute! Thank You so much for sharing on last weeks party. Hope to see more from you on my next party.


Saturday 1st of June 2013

Super cute!

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