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Spring Pudding Cups–Leftover Easter Candy

I know it has been a week since Easter but we still have an entire basket full of Easter candy on top of our refrigerator. Don’t think that putting it on top of the refrigerator keeps it away from my kids though – they are sneaky little climbers. All I tried to do was go to the bathroom and I walked out to find my boys had pushed a stool up to the counter. One was standing on the counter giving candy from the bucket to the other boy who was standing on the stool. Let’s just say we have been spending a lot of time outside playing and working off the extra sugar this week! spring_pud_cups One creative way I decided to use some of the boys’ Easter candy was with these sweet spring pudding cups. I have been a huge fan of the worms and dirt pudding dessert since I was little, and this is a play on that recipe. I used the easy kraft recipe HERE to make the pudding cups and instead of using gummy worms I stuck some of the Easter candy in them instead. DSC_0221 DSC_0222 DSC_0225 When I served these to the boys you would have thought I made the world’s largest cake or something. Mason yelled to Wyatt, ‘look what mom made!’ and when Wyatt came in and saw his pudding cup sitting in his spot he did the ewwww ahhhh thing. So yeah, I’m writing this while eating a pudding cup and feeling like the best mom ever (for five minutes until we have a melt down of some sort). I’m off to relish in the moment of mom success. I hope you all had a great weekend! DSC_0223Enjoy,
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Saturday 20th of April 2013

This is such a good idea and looks delicious! Almost a month later and we still have so much Easter candy leftover. Thanks for sharing!

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