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Cleaning for Kids with FREE Printables by Simple is Pretty

My kids are always asking “Can I Help?”.  I try to include them in tasks I do around the house, including cleaning.  I’ve created a FREE Printable to help you make a cleaning bucket for your children.  Just in time for Spring Cleaning! Cleaning for Kids Bucket and Printables Here is what you’ll need:

1.  A bucket (something with a handle, you can use an old ice cream bucket or a purchase a pail from a dollar store). 2. Rags or old facecloths or dishcloths. Cleaning for Kids Supplies _2   3. Spray bottle (filled with water).  I recommend using water, just in case anyone gets accidentally sprayed in the eyes. Cleaning for Kids Supplies _1 4. Whatever else you might find appropriate for your child, given their age.  Some examples are — scrub brush,  apron, duster, mini dust pan and brush set.  Check out your local dollar store for ideas. 5. FREE Printable (provided below) and preferably a laminator to laminate your new labels and checklist (laminating is recommend for durability and water resistance).

  Here’s what to do: 1. Print your FREE Printable on 8 1/2 x 11 paper and cut out the labels and cleaning checklist.  2. Next, write your child’s name on the labels and cleaning checklist. Then, place your cut pieces in a laminator sheet and run them through your laminator.  Cut them out. 3. Attach your labels to the bucket and spray bottle.  I used Velcro strips to attach the label to the bucket.  I usually use Velcro strips to attach labels to most of my organizing bins.  They work great because if I ever need to switch a label on a bin it is very easy to do and the adhesive is very strong. Velcro Strips   And I used double sided tape to attach the label to the spray bottle.  4. Write cleaning tasks (if your child is too young to read, draw some pictures) on the cleaning checklist for your child with a dry erase marker. Example: Wash outside of the fridge or sweep the floor.  I keep the dry erase marker with me and I can award a checkmark on their checklist for each task completed.  5. Assemble the rags, spray bottle, cleaning checklist and other items in the bucket.   Cleaning for Kids Bucket Full Cleaning for Kids Printables Blue and Pink Click below to download and print the FREE Printables: Cleaning with Kids – Blue Cleaning with Kids – Pink Kids love to feel included.  My kids love carrying their buckets around the house, reading their checklists and following me around cleaning! sandra_signature

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Thursday 19th of March 2015

I needed this! I get overwhelmed so easily with cleaning.

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