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My New Specs from Firmoo

In August I was contacted by Firmoo to review a pair of glasses. Firmoo is the World’s most popular online glasses store. Since I am a glasses wearer and was due for a new pair I jumped at the opportunity! I had thought about ordering online before because the prices are so much better, but the fact that I couldn’t actually try them on always made me too nervous. What if I ordered these glasses and then they looked horrible on me? My eyes seem to be close together (no laughing!) because most glasses that I try on are 5x too wide, but I was super surprised to see how Firmoo made ordering online easy! You can upload a picture of yourself to their site and then use the numbers provided by the doctor to figure out how they will fit. If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen the picture that I uploaded and asked for opinions. #1 was the most popular (with #2 close behind) – so in the end I went with #1model SD2320! glasses DSC_6320 I was so excited to get my glasses – to the point that I was irritating my husband by talking about it. I kept stressing that they weren’t going to look the same when I actually put them on yet couldn’t wait until they arrived and was checking the mail EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. When they arrived I fell in love- I LOVE them!! By using the photo upload option and knowing my measurements these babies fit great and I am extremely pleased. For the price they are very durable yet lightweight. I already accidently flung them off my face while trying to swat a bug and the glasses flew about eight feet before hitting the ground. I dreaded even looking at them but there wasn’t ONE scratch! DSC_6226 DSC_6193 DSC_6319 I can’t wait to order my next pair – and since their prices are so great I can afford a few pairs to the one I would normally purchase! DSC_6194 Right now Firmoo is running a deal for all first-time buyers – you get the glasses for FREE and all you have to do is pay shipping. Seriously how awesome is that? I’ve already told my family and friends – so now I am telling you too! If you don’t wear glasses you can still take part by getting a free pair of sunglasses instead! Visit Firmoo’s website HERE – or follow them on Facebook HERE! signature I was given these glasses to review at no cost but all of my opinions are my own and I truly recommend FIRMOO!