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Life Randoms

I am not very motivated today. I worked on a guest post earlier this morning, and can’t bring myself to work on another tutorial post for my own blog now. Bear with me as I take you into a bit of real life randomness instead (paired with pictures from an antique show last winter – wish I were there now!). I haven’t felt like myself the past few days and I just can’t place why. Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones or the on and off rain showers mixed with scorching heat. It could be that my new work schedule has me craving some adult interaction. My husband is on night shift which means he sleeps most of the day and wakes up with enough time to eat lunch and start getting ready for work again. This leaves me with the boys most of the day – although I wouldn’t want to spend my days with anyone else it can wear on you a bit. Sometimes there is screaming, yelling, fighting, whining and it just gets old. I can’t just go in my bedroom and shut the door to read a book or something. Vintage Finds by Poofy Cheeks I could feel a little out of sorts because I am stressing about Wyatt having an outpatient surgery next week that involves anesthesia or that he starts Pre-K this month. I have spent the past week at doctor appointments, filling out paperwork, and making phone calls to everyone and their momma. Vintage Finds by Poofy Cheeks I’ve been trying to distract myself by creating and listing new things in my shop, but even that isn’t as fun as usual. Maybe a little Pinterest with a large glass of iced peach Snapple therapy is in order?! Those two things seem to make me happy – I’ll add it to my list of things to do today right after ‘fold laundry’ which is ALMOST done. If you follow me on Facebook then you know that I hate folding laundry and I have had a few clean piles of clothes in my bedroom for almost three weeks a while. Vintage Finds by Poofy Cheeks Whatever the case is, I could go for a large chocolate something or other and a good chick flick. Any suggestions? (on a chocolate-something-or-other recipe or a movie?) Vintage Finds by Poofy Cheeks Enjoy, signature