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Pregnancy Update–13 Weeks

I will officially be 13 weeks tomorrow! I had a doctors appointment yesterday and got to hear our little babies heartbeat. Oh how I love listening to the heartbeat – knowing that there is another beating heart inside of you is one of the most amazing things to me. Even before a third baby was a thought in anybody’s mind – I had pinned a photo series by The Kissing Tree. Though my pictures aren’t as professional as hers, I love the whole idea of it. I love keeping track of growth, milestones, and the feelings we are all having. So I leave you with this… 4_40 8_40 13_40 I have already gained 9lbs. and my belly is feeling in-between (not regular and not prego – just sort of puffy and muffin top-like). I can fit into some of my ‘fat’ jeans again, but forget about fitting into my regular ones! My work uniform and bras only have a week or so left until I have to figure something else out! Today I told Mike that I just want to enjoy every second of this pregnancy because it will be my last. I want to walk barefoot in sundresses all summer. I want to be more care-free and just go with the flow. Enjoy, signature