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Easter from the Archives

This week has and will be 7 days of craziness. There will not be any rest until Sunday afternoon when I sit down to eat Easter lunch! I am working 40 hours at my day job, hosting Easter lunch at our house for 14 people, and have a few Easter egg hunts scheduled for the boys. {Insert scream and me pulling my hair out here.} Since I don’t have too much time on my hands I figured I would share a few Easter posts from the archives. These deviled eggs are seriously THE BEST! They use powdered ranch dressing for an extra kick of flavor, and it wouldn’t be Easter in our house without them. They go so quick that you better shovel them in while you can! The full recipe is HERE. It isn’t too late to whip up some homemade sidewalk chalk to put in Easter baskets this year. My kids really loved the hands on process where I actually let them stir it up! (Unlike when I’m cooking in the kitchen and kick them out!) Then in the end they get to go to town creating art all over the driveway. Learn how easy this process is HERE. One last recipe is for Edible Spring Nests that the boys and I made last year. Printable recipe is HERE. Enjoy, signature