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Craft-O-Maniac’s Crafty Space – Guest Post

my_crafty_space Here is where all the creativity and blogging starts, and ends.

Craft-o-Maniac Craft Space
Craft-o-Maniac Craft Space
Craft-o-Maniac Craft Space

image Hello there – Jennie here from CraftOManiac and I am thrilled to be apart of Kelsey’s fun Crafty Space’s.   My craft space was transformed from a nook in my master bedroom. It was useless space before, and looked terrible until one day I stared at it and thought what a perfect nook it is for my own crafty space and escape. For roughly $20.00 dollars I created my craft nook. I spray painted, mod podged, rolled rosette flowers, hot glued, recycled baby food jars, simply used what I had. Its full of vibrant color and cheers me up. Its a great wall to get inspiration from as well. I use my craft space to sew, craft, create just about anything I want. I also upload pictures, edit them, and blog at my craft table. My favorite part of my craft space is the entire wall, I love all the stuff I have to look at.

Craft-o-Maniac Craft Space

I keep things organized through jars, a ribbon spool, a jar full of rolled and clothes pinned ribbons and strings, I have buckets, and little mini craft bags that hold other craft supplies. Everything pretty much has its own home.

Craft-o-Maniac Craft Space
Thank you so much for taking a look at my crafty space.


Pandora's box: indie handmade

Saturday 11th of May 2013

This is a beautiful space! I am writing a post about my favourite crafty spaces (those I look up to) and this will definitely be in the list! Come and have a look :)

Kasey M

Thursday 8th of March 2012

...for $20?! Dear Jen, my basement craft area needs you. ASAP. Please help!

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