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Spring is Springing Already!

Wow – I don’t think I have ever had so many things planned so far in advance! I am a live-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-last-minute sorta’ gal. I make rash decisions to redo rooms in the wee hours of the morning, plan weekend getaways on a Friday morning, and don’t typically plan that far ahead. However, I never used to be this way. I learned to live like this from my husband who is SO.LAST.MINUTE. Any-who back to the matter at hand. I am going to be giving you a little insight on what I have going on this Spring. I might be tooting my horn a tad bit and using a lot of exclamation marks– so forgive me now! I am going to share some new items I have listed in my shop for Spring, a new venture I am going on, and some other plans sprinkled in. So first off – here is what is new in my shop. NEW PACKAGING! DSC_0098 New twine colors and LOWER prices (which are here to STAY)! DSC_0110 and…. NEW HEADBANDS! I have to give all photography credit to my awesome husband! He did such a great job!! headbands1 headbands2 Now for the next venture this Spring – I am going to be offering my blog design services! I started out going to school for graphic design and learned my way around Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Then after taking a required HTML class and starting this blog I decided I wanted to lean more towards web design. I changed my major to multimedia and web design. I am currently on a little hiatus from school, but I have 20 credits left to get my Bachelors degree. Hopefully this whole thing will kick me into gear and get me to finish the last few classes! I’m rambling – you don’t really care about all that mumbo jumbo do ya? Well here is the good news – I want to add to my design portfolio which means I am offering discounts on my design services if you contact me within the next two weeks (just mention you read this on my blog)! I will then add you to the waiting list and give you an estimated time of completion. I am offering full redesigns as well as single item designs if you are just looking for a new banner or button. design_header contact Then I mentioned that I have a lot of plans in the next few months – which is not the norm for me. In March I will be doing two big blog guest posts (stay tuned to see where I will be!), wedding and baby showers are popping up on our radar, and I have big plans to approach brick and mortar shops about selling some of my items. In April I am going to SNAP! Seriously I feel stressed because I am list maker. I have already made a list for – shops to contact – things to buy – things to pack – guest post ideas – people I want to guest post on MY blog while I’m at SNAP! – blog post ideas for March – OH THE LISTS! OH THE CRAZINESS. It is a good craziness though. I wouldn’t want it any other way. This all brings me to another subject – sponsors for March! If you would like to sponsor me during the month of March I am opening up the spots NOW. Just shoot me an email if you are interested. Click on the button below to get prices and other info. image signature