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Let’s Do Lunch – Valentine’s Day Edition

This will be the sixth Valentine’s Day Mike and I have spent together.
I don’t remember anything spectacular on any of them.
We usually do something at home and get each other chocolates or a card.
This year we are not even doing that.
Mike had to work 6pm-6am last night and again tonight.
He is in bed now, and when he wakes up maybe we will go to lunch.
I told him on the phone last night that I didn’t get him anything and not to get me anything either. It just seems like a waste in a way.
We don’t need a day dedicated to showing each other how much we love one another.
In my eyes everyday should be like Valentine’s Day – showing the love you have for one other.
The thought is nice, but I don’t need to go spend money on a card, chocolates, or flowers just because it is February 14th. Sorry to all of the hopeless romantics reading this.
I truly love reading about romantic things that couples do on Valentine’s Day.
It just isn’t us.
To me it is more about doing fun things with the boys and showing the love we have as a family. I was curious to know what others had planned for Valentine’s Day.
To my surprise nearly everyone I asked is celebrating a pretty mellow day too.
Nothing over the top or crazy.
Here is what these ladies had to say… skye_feb foreveryphotography_feb stuffilove_feb bianca_feb katy_feb devona_feb ccydesigns_feb 5ohwifey_feb   cantelmos_feb fontenotfour_feb hollierogue_feb makin_memories_feb whisperingsweetnothings_feb What are YOUR plans for Valentine’s Day?signature