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Just Call Me Four Eyes

If you can’t tell by the title – I wear glasses. When I was in grade school I remember telling my mom I couldn’t see the chalkboard just so I could get glasses. Well it just so happens I couldn’t fool the doctor. He told my mom it didn’t seem that I was having any vision problems – my brother on the other hand DID need them. What a waste of effort! Again in Junior High I told my mom I was having trouble seeing the chalkboard at school. The last eye exam I had was years before (when I tried getting glasses), so she took me again. This time I DID need eyeglasses, but now I didn’t think they were ‘cool’ anymore. I would look like a total nerd – yet I came home with them and my dad called me Four Eyes for weeks. I soon grew out of the nerd phase and into the – ‘these things are great accessories’ phase! I am still living in that phase which is why I wanted to tell you all about! They are a great place to buy glasses – and I buy everything else online – so why not? I thought it would be fun and silly to take you on blast from the past trip. I scanned in pictures of myself all the way from junior high until now – wearing my glasses of course! Don’t judge – I’m sure your pictures are no better! Oh my nerdy self!! I’m laughing at myself right now!! Let’s see if you can tell which sort of eyeglasses frames I go for!?




                        ! But can you see the trend here? I like rectangle-ish glasses in a red tone! Knowing what I know about my taste in glasses I can easily pick a pair of glasses online, and guess what? So can you!
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