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How Clever!

Lately I have come across some pretty smart ideas on Pinterest! I even named a pin board ‘clever’ to store all of the wonderful tips and tricks. I thought I would share some of these ideas with you! I’m sure you will see at least one clever idea which makes you go – ‘HUH!?” Click on the pictures to be directed to the source! image Rubber band to stop paint buildup on the lip of the can. image Ankle weights to keep the stroller from tipping. image Use a dust pan to fill something that doesn’t fit in the sink. image Dryer sheets remove soap buildup on glass shower doors. image Straighten your ribbon! image Don’t peel the egg – cut right through it and scoop it out! I totally need to try this because I am HORRIBLE at getting the shells to peel off when I boil eggs! image Freeze leftover wine to use in cooking. Who says there will be any leftover? image Freeze green onions and use them as needed. image Make your own repeating pattern using Photoshop and these steps. —————— Now for my own personal ‘Clever’ ideas… IMG_7907 Use an old plate hanger to hang jewelry instead. Found this one at Goodwill! image Squeegee your shower after every use to keep the glass clean! Enjoy! image