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Transportation Bedroom

Wyatt and Mason have been sick for the past week. Mason started off with a fever last week because his molars were coming in. After they broke skin and he was still SO irritable I took him to the doctor. He has an ear infection. Wyatt has been all sorts of sick. He woke up a couple of nights in a row with a fever, congestion, and even throwing up. They are on meds now and I hope they feel better soon!!

Did I mention that in the past week it has been decided that Thanksgiving dinner will be at my house? WHAT? I’m working an AM shift, my mom is on call, my sister is going away with her boyfriend’s family, and my husband is working a PM shift, and some of my parent’s friends are coming over. Double WHAT? We decided it would be easier on the boys since all of their toys are here and it is going to be a rushed dinner. So, my dad will be coming to watch the boys in the morning and then he will heat up all of the food my mom is making ahead of time. Then he is going to deep fry my turkey. Go dad – way to save Turkey Day! Cheer me on as I deep clean my house!

As promised here is Mason’s bedroom redo pictures. I think I am done painting and redoing (is that a word?) for a while. It is exhausting!


Did I mention that the only things I bought for Mason’s bedroom were a quart of paint at $10 and new bedding (which I LOVE) on clearance at Target for $15? I had the rest of it! The rug was folded up in the closet and the road signs and license plates came with my husband. They were hanging in our entryway when we moved into our first apartment together. They look MUCH better here!
I’ll be away until after Thanksgiving! Enjoy the holiday and don’t eat too much turkey or pumpkin pie!


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